Role Of Honour Of Officers At Cardiff Docks

This document records formal commendations and awards. It does not include the many more letters of thanks and other informal expressions of thanks written or made over the years. And there is certainly no place here for mentioning the odd bottle or an ounce of tobacco slipped quietly to an officer for his help in some matter or other. Not that that ever happened of course!

AYRES, Colin, Was Superintendent in charge of the docks during the 1984 miner's strike. Port Talbot docks were invaded by 103 miners staging a sit-in aloft on three giant cranes. A large police operation was mounted but the protesters did not return to earth for 48 hours. All were charged with Unlawful Assembly and prosecuted at Swansea Crown Court. Four senior officers were commanded by the Judge for the restraint shown and the manner in which the operation was dealt with.

Pc Alan Beddoe and police Dog 'Major'
Pc Alan Beddoe and police Dog 'Major'

BEDDOE, Alan G. and Police Dog ‘Major’
Chief Constable’s Commendation.
I am pleased to commend Constable A.G. Beddoe and his police dog ‘Major’ for their initiative and the particular determination and resolve of police dog ‘Major’, who, on the 8th March 1983, tracked a suspect, whilst unsupervised, for 5 miles and remained in the vicinity of the suspect’s residence for three and a half hours until officers arrived and the man was arrested. He was subsequently sentenced to 6 months imprisonment at Cardiff City Magistrates Court on 10th March 1983 for offences of Criminal Damage and Taking & Driving away a motor vehicle.

CANTOR Samuel, Police Constable with forty years service, presented with framed Second Class Award Certificate by the Chief Regional Officer for rendering meritorious first aid to a man who had fallen into the dock waters at Cardiff on the 12th. November 1951.

DAVIES, David, As Superintendent in charge of the force, following a successful four day Royal Visit, was presented on the 28th. June 1913, with a ruby tie pin by King George V to mark the occasion and the excellent police service provided.

DAVIES I. Special Constable commended for prompt action and presence of mind which undoubtedly saved the life of a seaman who fell into the Roath Inner Lock at Cardiff Docks at a time of extreme black-out during the early part of 1942.

GARRETT, Roy Samuel Pc 375, Awarded Royal Humane Society Certificate on Parchment. On the 1st June 1950 he entered the waters of the East Dock Feeder in a vain attempt to save the life of 2 year old Terence WALTERS. At the inquest on the 13th. June, the Coroner, Mr. Gerald TUDOR, said:- “According to the evidence, Constable Roy Samuel GARRETT went to the spot and immediately removed his outer clothing and dived into the feeder in an attempt to recover the body. The water was extremely muddy and unfortunately, the constable was not successful in his efforts, but his conduct in my opinion, was most praiseworthy and I expressed my commendation in open court. I have much pleasure in bringing this to your notice.”

GIBBS, William Frederick, Sergeant. in April 1940 Sergeant GIBBS was commended by the Cardiff City Coroner and Vice admiral W. TOMKINSON for action taken in attempting to rescue a Stoker Petty Officer during a fire on board one of His Majesty's Ships on the 10th. March 1940

GOULD, B. G. Special Constable commended for promptitude resulting in the rescue of a seaman from the Roath Inner Lock at Cardiff Docks on the 12th. August 1943

HUGHES D. Special Constable who in May 1945 was specially commended for his conduct in attempting to detain a party of U.S. soldiers who had stolen a large quantity of cigarettes and who were attempting to make off in a motor vehicle. The driver of the vehicle attacked the officer with a razor. Two soldiers were later arrested.

HUNT, Hubert, served as a constable in the Bute Dock Police at least between 1912 and 1919 and was awarded the Royal Humane Society Medal, and Bar for twice saving the life of persons from drowning. On the second occasion in 1914, he was presented with the award by HRH Princess Alice at the Bute Dock offices.

JENKINS, John, Wartime Special Constable 16, commended by Magistrates 28.06.1918 for the arrest of notorious criminal Edward JOSEPH, alias ROWLANDS, for the theft of money from an officers berth on the S.S. Portugal at 4am. that morning.

JONES, Glyn, Whilst Acting Sergeant and at a time when he had only one lung as a result of contracting TB years earlier, at 9.15am on 10.03.1970 he removed his tunic and dived into the sea off the Pierhead Building and rescued a woman from drowning. Awarded the Royal Humane Society's Testimonial on Vellum that was presented by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff on 15.07.1975.

KNAPMAN, Cyril, Inspector, commended with two other officers for action leading to the arrest of thirteen persons for theft of property from one of H.M. Ships at Cardiff Docks in July 1944.

LEGGE, Special Constable, commended with two other officers for action leading to the arrest of thirteen persons for the theft of property from one of H.M. Ships in July 1944.

LEWIS, John, Constable at Cardiff Docks, on the 7th. August 1913 was commended by the Dock Manager and the Superintendent for the arrest of Hugh McClaren for the murder of a Spaniard.

MATON, Alfred, BEM Constable and Sergeant at Cardiff Docks. Promoted to Inspector at Swansea in 1940. Awarded the BEM in the 1949 New Years Honours List for courage and devotion to duty during the air raid blitz on Swansea Docks.

MINNS, Reubin, Whilst a police constable at Newport Docks in 1905, was awarded the Certificate of Meritorious Service for his part in helping to rescue workmen trapped when a trench, dug to form the wall of the New Lock, collapsed burying 40 or 50 men. The officer worked throughout the night carrying out artificial respiration and rendering first aid. Promoted to Sergeant at Newport Docks in 1921 following war service and to Inspector at Cardiff Docks in 1937.

RIDD, John, MBE As Superintendent in charge of vulnerable points at the docks during the second world war from 1941 onwards, he was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the New Years Honours List of 1944.

SANDERSON, Special Constable, commended with two other officers for action leading to the arrest of thirteen persons for theft of property from one of H.M. Ships in July 1944.

WILKINS, W. Ewart, Police Constable, Awarded the Great Western Railway Gold Medal for the most efficient First Aid of 1937.